faaiz anwar

Faaiz Anwar Age, Wife, Children, Biography, Songs, Awards & more

Faaiz Anwar is a prolific and talented lyricist in the Indian music industry. With an innate ability to evoke emotions through words, he has become a renowned name in Bollywood. Born and raised with a passion for literature and writing, Faaiz’s journey to fame began with heartfelt verses that captivated audiences. His poetic brilliance caught…

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shabbir ahmed

Shabbir Ahmed Age, Wife, Children, Biography, Awards and more

Shabbir Ahmed is a renowned lyricist and poet in the Indian music industry. Hailing from humble beginnings, he found his passion for writing at a young age. With lyrical finesse and a gift for storytelling, Shabbir’s songs have become anthems of love, joy, and emotion. His versatility in creating both foot-tapping dance numbers and soul-stirring…

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manoj bakshi

Manoj Bakshi Age, Wife, Children, Biography, Awards and more

Manoj Bakshi, a versatile talent in Indian entertainment, graced the silver screen with his magnetic presence in Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and Haryanvi films. Born on 13 Oct, he embarked on a multifaceted career that captivated audiences across languages and genres. From Bollywood to television and web series, Manoj’s nuanced performances left a lasting impact. Beyond…

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